Sept 2nd- Private Event for Elisha

Thank-you for contacting Purposeful Painting! We are pleased to be hosting your celebratory paint event! 

Please use the BUY NOW button below to prepay 48 hrs before event. We've left the QTY up to you in case you have last minute people who would like to come. If there is just the 7 attendees you can go ahead and fill in the QTY as 7.  

Please note that using PayPal you don't need to have a PayPal account as it will give the option to use Visa Debit or Credit Card. Some Apple iPhones don't work as easily with PayPal so if you run into issues simply use an Android phone or use any desktop.

Thank-you and see you on Sept 2nd approx. 1 hr before event, Please have tables and chairs set up ahead of time. Thank-you :)

Private Paint Event - Sept 2nd 2019